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About the artist

Barb Monette was born in DeKalb, Illinois and raised in Williamston Michigan. After attending Northern Michigan University for Art History, Barb traveled south to Miami, Florida, where she started a 27 year career in makeup artistry. With the face as her canvas, Barb honed her skills in special effects and runway looks, many of which were featured on screen and in print. Barb worked with multiple celebrities. In addition, her work was solicited by Target, MAC Cosmetics, Armani and Calvin Klein.  In 1999, Barb created her finest work of art - her son, Jake, igniting within her a universal compassion for humanity and a longing for her family. Trading the runway for her roots, Barb relocated to her hometown of Williamston where she resides today. After a meningitis diagnosis in 2008 nearly cost Barb her life and left her with a chronic and cluster migraine disability, a therapist suggested she return to her art in an effort to heal. And that she did.  Ten years later, although still disabled, Barb's work is represented throughout the United States, England and Russia. While specializing in abstract landscapes using oils, Barb also uses a variety of mediums including acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolor and ink. Barb has even been known to add things such as eggshells, kitchen herbs, and gravel into her work. Inspired by Pollack, de Kooning, Klimt and Klein, Barb strives to capture emotion, transforming pain into beauty. She believes art possesses great power - power to heal trauma, restore joy, change minds and build communities. Barb has seen this power first hand; using her brush, Barb initiated an after school program in her community, teaching middle school kids not just art, but teamwork and collaboration as together they created a hallway mural  and at the same time boosted self esteem. After showcasing her work in an informal social media campaign, Barb used the proceeds to purchase a tree for a local park and stocked the shelves of her local food bank. Her compassion for humanity exceeds her local community - extending to Haiti, where she recently adopted a village and fed hundreds using their local resources to benefit the growth in their development, all with the proceeds of her art.  Barb is determined to grow as an artist - accepting challenge and discomfort as she explores unfamiliar mediums and larger versions of her work. Finally, Barb is passionate about painting it forward - not just with her proceeds, but in sharing her passion and knowledge by teaching the basics of fine art to others.

"Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m so grateful that I’ve figured out a way to use the gift God has given me in a way in which I can serve others."- Barb Monette 

"Proceeds from my artwork go to The Monette Children’s Enrichment Fund. Our non-profit organization works locally and globally to benefit the lives of our future leaders. Please take time to visit our website to learn more about us and how art is not only beautifying, but changing the world we live in! "

Book a lesson, beautify your surroundings, make a difference.

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